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Custom Order Reborn Baby

Not Taking Orders

I can make a baby reborn custom for you according to your specifications, including skin tone, hair color, weight, etc ..

The cost of a baby is $550 US Dollars plus shipping.

You can choose to pay the full amount! Or if you want to pay only a first deposit, send an email with your email so that I can send an invoice for payment of only a deposit of $ 350 plus shipping now and then pay the balance when the baby is ready to go home.

You can choose any available kit on the market ~ from 10 inches to 22 inches ~

Choose sex, weight, name, texture and color of hair, skin and tone. Your baby will include a  tummy plate.

Older babies and toddlers can also be ordered but will have a $ 150 fee added to your bill.

The baby will travel home after receiving the last payment. All deposits are non-refundable. Click on Gallery to see more babies.
You may adopt your baby here:
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