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Custom Blythe Cat Kitty

Kitty is a Cat Blythe. She is looking for a forever cat mommy. She has a jointed Body, re-rooted hair. gaze correction and goggled eyes. New original beaded pull strings. And she has hands and paws, tail and cat ears. *Kitty is a customized factory Blythe *She has a jointed body. * New Eye Chips. *Her lids are Painted and sealed with MSC *2 Pull strings are new and beaded. *Gaze correction, Sleepy Eyes and Boggled Lids *She brings home the adorable Victorian dress seen here, her cat ears, paws and tail Made from epoxy *includes regular Blythe hands *Face has been carved and she has been given a face up using pastels and sealed with MSC. *Back plate was sand-matted, illustrated, and signed + sealed with MSC *Last but not least She is Adorable

You can adopt her here...



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