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New Art Dolls and Etsy Sale

Heavenly Art Dolls is now on Patreon. See my Patreon page on the Heavenly Art Dolls site to get you there. I already have tutorials for you to enjoy. Below is a sneak peek of the Carving and Customizing a Blythe doll Tutorial. I also now have a Face up Video. It is only $1 to see the video but please give more if you can. Being a Patron will help me so much. With your payment I will be able to upgrade my video production equipment and editing software to bring you better quality tutorials.



Face Plates now available in my store.

Create your own Blythe or Icy doll. Includes back plate only. eyes and screws not included.



New Cloth Art Dolls Available now.

Only the one with the golden hair still available.

Available Cloth Dolls. Some of these are Spirit Goddess dolls. The two ready for adoption represent the water and earth element.


Summer Sale still going on until September 30. 15% off with code summer15

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